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Framed Toast Entitled Love


A memorable poem written by a US Marine Corps Commandant, is a great US Navy gift idea. It’s framed and the poem beautifully written and still a funny toast marking the 203rd Birthday of the U.S. Marine in 1978.


In 1978, on the 203rd Birthday of the U.S. Marines, General Louis H. Wilson, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, arose to deliver his long awaited address to the troops at Camp Lejeune. He approached the dias, nodded to the Commanding Generals, and proceeded to explain to the captive masses that he would be short on words that night – then turned to his bride, Aunt Jane, took a glass and, amid absolute DEAD SILENCE, offered this Toast – and promptly sat down.

The WHOOPIN’ and HOLLERIN’ went on for a good 10 minutes!

Size: 7″ by 7″

​In this very beautiful and moving poem, General Louis H. Wilson, the former Marine Corps Commandant, captures the unique relationship that exists between and among all United States Marines. This is a Masterpiece and will be cherished as a family heirloom.


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