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The purpose for my business is to provide meaningful heirlooms for those who now serve or have served in the military.  Their gift will be passed down to their children, grand children, and even great grand children and beyond.  I envision, in the not too distant future, a great grand child holding a gift I created and thinking “My Great Grandfather was in the Marine Corps, or Navy, or Army, or Air Force or Coast Guard.”  A perfect example is the framed JFK Quote.  President Kennedy made that statement in August of 1963…the year the USNA Class of ’67 were plebes.  Last year that Class celebrated their 50th reunion…their 50 year link-in-the-chain is the Class of 1917!

I did a First Communion Prayer for a lady’s Grandson in 1996 when he was in the second grade.  She then came back to me to prepare another gift  for her same Grandson when he graduated from the Naval Academy with the Class of 2011! That was very special for me to do.

When I reported aboard the aircraft carrier USS Randolph (CVS 15) in July of 1962 in the Port of San Remo, Italy I was assigned to the Navigation Department and assumed the duties of a Quartermaster Seaman. Along with numerous other responsibilities, a Navy quartermaster serves as the ship’s Helmsman underway. With the ship’s Compass, the Helmsman steers the ship. Arriving safely in port depends on the accuracy of the compass and the skill of The Helmsman.  My prayer for you is that you will arrive safely at your Home Port.  My focus now is to help Saint Jude’s Children.  Every gift on this website is unique and available nowhere else.

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The Helmsman’s Compass

He was thoughtful and grave — but the orders he gave were enough to bewilder the crew. ​ When he cried ‘steer to starboard, but keep her head larboard’ what on earth was a helmsman to do?